Designing Pathways for Jewish Learners

Welcome to Designing Pathways for Jewish Learners! Within, you will find our comprehensive featured report: From Census to Possibilities: Designing Pathways for Jewish Learners which reveals our findings on the current state of Jewish Supplementary Schools of North America. We invite you to explore this collection of materials that has been arranged into three separate sections:

Research: download the reports; From Census to Possibilities: Designing Pathways for Jewish Learners and A Census of Jewish Supplementary Schools in North America, 2019-2020. Get the latest responses to the census findings and view recordings of census presentations and panel events.

Thriving in Jewish Education: access resources that promote Jewish education that leads to thriving including our new part-time Jewish education outcomes, My Aspirations Playbook (M.A.P), our latest ecourse, and more.

Thriving in Action: learn about new Educational Models and the Design Principles they practice.

There is no single way to journey through the Pathways website. Discover resources to contextualize the data and apply these insights in your setting to give learners more opportunities to be impacted by meaningful Jewish education. We encourage you to click through the map below, take the scenic route, and make as many stops along the way as you need!

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