Thriving in Jewish Education

Jewish education is often viewed primarily as a means for the transmission of skills and knowledge. This orientation does not sufficiently deliver on the possible impact that Jewish education can have on a child’s sense of self, relationships, responsibility, and spirituality. This more comprehensive vision of Jewish education that not only transmits knowledge, but also transforms the learner, is Jewish education that leads to thriving.  

My Aspirations Playbook (M.A.P)

Educators, parents, and lay leaders want to articulate the outcomes that emerge from Jewish education that leads to thriving. My Aspirations Playbook (M.A.P.) is a comprehensive vision of the impact that Jewish education can have. M.A.P. is accompanied by meeting guides and text studies so that educators can engage stakeholders in productive conversations about their community’s priorities and goals for their youth. 

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M.A.P. cover