Thriving in Action

In today’s rapidly changing world, some Jewish educational models have been successful in reaching families. As we reviewed these models, we identified six design principles that are contributing to educational approaches that reflect our evolving milieu. To bring the impact of these design principles to life, we have documented models that are built on these principles.

Design Principles

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1. Putting Family at the Center
2. Adding Value to a Family’s Life
3. Affirming Diverse People and Families
4: Elevating Cultural Identities
5. Prioritizing Caring, Purposeful Relationships
6. Redefining the Role of Teacher and Learner

Below, you will find information about models that are reaching today’s families. You can browse all the models, or sort by the design principle that interests you most. Return to this section often as we will continue to add more stories of bright spots in the field. 

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